Portfolio - Urbancorp Dundas Street East

When Toronto area architect Gabriel Bodor has been around for greater than 20 years. About 15 years ago, he knew he'd found what he had been looking for a 3D tool that's both comprehensive and easy to use. "Architects think in 3D and ArchiCAD gives us a tool to present everything in 3D".

In todays fast paced world, it is import to be able to make revisions quickly and to be able to express your ideas to the client in a easly presentable manner. "I can offer more value for the same effort and cost". "As soon as I draw up a working drawing, I print it out and give it to the clients marketing group".

I have eliminated the step of going to illustrators and can even print the same set of drawings in different styles within an hour. For example, I can show the lighting effect of the different times of the day. It helps the design process and knowing what the final product is going to be